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COVID-19: One Year On

by Relax Melodies
Apr 22 • 4 min read

March 2021 marked one year since the Novel Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization.

We surveyed over 1100 participants from around the world and analyzed quantitative data of our 3 million users to gain insights into the effects of living through 365 days of the virus.

Scientists say that many people have developed sleep difficulties that they did not have prior to the pandemic.

Our findings offer an understanding of just how much sleep, anxiety, and mood levels have changed since prior to the pandemic.


Before the pandemic, most people were getting the recommended amount of sleep (between 7-9 hours). That has since decreased, with 40% of people now getting between 5-7 hours.

The time it takes for people to fall asleep also changed this year. Now, 40% of people say they spend over an hour each night tossing and turning, compared to just 12% before the pandemic.

  • 83% of people surveyed say the pandemic has negatively impacted their sleep
  • Poor or very poor sleep quality as the nightly standard has grown by 500%
  • People are now taking an average of 17 more minutes to fall asleep compared to before the pandemic
  • On average, people have lost 1 hour of sleep per night this past year


That old saying “it’s all in your head” may not be true. High levels of sustained anxiety take a physical toll on the body, hitting our immune systems, productivity, and digestion. We found that more anxiety is one of the greatest fallouts of the pandemic.

  • 810 people say that pandemic has increased their anxiety levels.
  • Those who do report a decrease in anxiety note more time spent with family and less pressure to partake in social activities as the main reasons.
  • High to very high levels of regular anxiety have risen from 20% to 76% this past year. That’s a 280% increase.

Loneliness, health concerns, and relationship stress came in at the top reasons for why we worry.


Mood fluctuations are natural parts of everyday life, but the global pandemic has caused mood stability to decrease over the last year. Adults across all age groups are now more prone to moodiness and lethargy than before.

Millennials in particular felt “all the things” this year. They noted a considerable 38% decrease in stability, and a 34% increase in moodiness and frustration since the start of the pandemic.


Humans are an inside species; we spend about 90% of our lives indoors. Lockdowns, virtual classes, and more work-from-home flexibility over the past year brought more time inside than ever before. We wanted to know how more time at home affected our daily activities.

  • 63% of us are spending less time outdoors or exercising.
  • 76% of us have increased our screen time before bed.
  • 69% of us are paying closer attention to the news and current events.
  • 43% of have upped our caffeine intake.

Looking Ahead

New developments, rules, and regulations were a constant to daily life this year. Our point of view reflects this, with a combined 60% of respondents looking towards the future with trepidation. This uncertain outlook was followed by people saying they feel positive about the future.

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