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Discover New Bedtime Stories for Any Age on Relax Melodies

by Relax Melodies
Dec 17 • 2 min read

Bedtime stories benefit people of all ages, from infants through to adulthood. Relax Melodies offers an extensive library of stories for both children and adults. The three newest adventures available to enjoy are: “A Trip to Sri Lanka,” “Tuscany’s Secret Castle,” and “Mirabelle the Mermaid.”

Why Listen to Bedtime Stories?

For babies and children, the benefits of bedtime stories are related to development and education. Reading to a child before bed:

  • Fosters the development of language
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Encourages imagination and engagement
  • Develops and improves reading skills
  • Strengthens bonds with parents

Research indicates that the power of hearing a story before bed is much greater than previously imagined. Listening to bedtime stories actually rewires neural connections in the brain to help children master language faster.

Bedtime stories are not just for kids. Many adults read before bed, and more are now turning to audio bedtime stories to relax, de-stress, and enjoy better sleep. Reading is proven to reduce stress,it makes you sleepy, and a good story is an excellent distraction from the anxieties from the day and worries about the future.

New Bedtime Stories on Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies provides more than soothing sounds and meditations. It also has a library of bedtime stories on various topics, of different lengths, and for kids and adults. Here are three examples of great new stories available on the app:

A Trip to Sri Lanka

If the idea of a dream trip to explore a new part of the world soothes your soul, this is the bedtime story to send you off to sleep. Olivia hasn’t been on a real vacation in years. She dreams of seeing something new, and when a friend describes a trip to Sri Lanka, she knows where to go.

Join Olivia as she explores this magical island country, from the bustling city of Colombo to the rainy jungles and an exhilarating hike to the top of Adam’s Peak. Listen to the hole story

Tuscany’s Secret Castle

Another great adventure awaits you in Italy as Chantelle and her friends explore a castle in Tuscany. Imagine the joy of finding a park only locals know about and then discovering a mysterious old castle. If a gentle mystery set in the idyllic countryside appeals to you, try this story before bed tonight.Listen to the hole story

Mirabelle the Mermaid

Kids and parents alike will enjoy this soothing tale of Mirabelle, a mermaid exploring the world. Have you ever dreamed of living under the sea? Take a tour of the fantasy ocean world with Mirabelle as she follows her sister through kelp forests, the open ocean, and even an abandoned ship.

Swim through these magical worlds with Mirabelle as she meets and makes friends with otters, sea urchins, and dolphins. She learns from her dolphin friends that there is a world beyond her own, the world of the air. This is a magical exploration and a relaxing adventure perfect for drifting into pleasant dreams. Listen to the hole story

Put down the heavy book and the e-reader screen and let Relax Melodies tell you a story tonight. These and other tales are available on the app, read in a soothing voice accompanied by peaceful sounds to help you relax and fall asleep.

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