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A Guide to Improve Productivity by Helping Employees Sleep Better

by Relax Melodies
Oct 15 • 4 min read

Google, Cisco, and the Huffington Post provide sleep pods. Nike headquarters has quiet rooms for meditation or rest. Ben & Jerry’s, the New York Times, Zappos, and a growing list of other top businesses offer similar accommodations for their employees.

So what do these companies know about the importance of sleep? And why are businesses everywhere catching on?

Perhaps it’s because taking naps and rest breaks during work hours have a tremendous impact on productivity, moral, and, ultimately, the company’s bottom line.

The financial burden of poor sleep on business

Research shows that when employees aren’t well rested, the business suffers.

A 2010 study assessed the impact of sleep deprivation on workplace productivity, and the results were astounding. Insufficient sleep not only hurts productivity, it negatively influences performance and safety, resulting in losses estimated to cost $1,967 per employee yearly. Doing the math will paint a vivid picture of the financial drain this places on businesses.

However, these monetary losses are preventable - better sleep means better performance, a safer workplace, and happier employees, which results in more profits.

You might be wondering how you can help your employees get more sleep. The great news is that with a few adjustments, you don’t have to be Google to have well-rested employees.

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Five ways to help your employees sleep better

Provide recharge and resting rooms. One way to keep minds fresh is to have a space for rest and say, “Nap here, please.” The first step to having well-rested employees is to encourage them to sleep – at work. Research shows that people who habitually take short naps during the day have better motor performance. Also, daytime nappers perform better on evening tests suggesting their brains are able to stay more alert.

Offer perks like exercise equipment and fitness or yoga classes. Those who exercise regularly experience improved sleep quality and quantity. So even if your employees resist the idea of napping on the job, fitting exercise into their workday will help them sleep well at night.

Limit working hours and allow for flexible schedules. Did we just limit working hours? Yes, we did. By assuring that your employees have enough downtime to enjoy a healthy work/life balance, they’ll be more likely to get adequate rest before setting foot at work. Therefore, during the hours they are on your clock, they will be more productive. Another way more businesses are doing this is by offering flexible schedules and options like working from home when illnesses or family issues come up.

Avoid overworking employees by limiting the number of projects delegated. Along the same lines of limiting work hours, assuring that your employees aren’t tasked with too many projects simultaneously is critical for maintaining a well-rested staff. An overworked mind will keep the most diligent employees up at night trying to troubleshoot or complete projects when they should be resting.

Share and encourage healthy sleep habits with your employees. Oftentimes, people simply don’t know how to get better sleep. Prioritizing wellness education and promoting better sleep practices as part of your company’s culture can get your entire staff on board. Consider offering them a premium subscription to Relax Melodies where they can have access to meditations, sound journeys, and bedtime stories to help them sleep better at night. In addition to providing the space and the support for better rest, providing the tools and tips for relaxation and sleep will result in a healthier workplace.

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