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At Relax Melodies, our dedication to giving you a better night’s sleep goes beyond our app. We strive to work with partners with the mutual goal of bringing you the best sleep experience possible.
Wellness isn’t just a routine, it's about living your best life. Relax Melodies has teamed up with Amazon for their Halo wearable and created a unique selection of Halo Labs for improved sleep and mindfulness.
Sleep Inn
Relax Melodies and SleepInn have teamed up with the shared mission to give people everywhere a better night’s rest! Guests of SleepInn hotels across North America now have full access to the Relax Melodies app throughout their stay.
Chillhop Music and Relax Melodies have partnered up to create a world-class collection of chill beats to help you study, focus or just relax. Check it out on the Relax Melodies app!