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Guided meditation for healing

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The many mental health benefits of meditation are now well known. Meditation can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress, help manage substance use disorders, and even reduce the risk of suicide in those vulnerable. Did you know that meditation can also help the body heal? Try a guided healing meditation tonight for better physical and mental health, which in turn can lead to better sleep.

What is Healing Meditation?

Meditation is the practice of focusing attention to achieve a stable, calm state of mind. There are many styles of meditation, all with generally the same goal. Some practices a mantra to focus the mind, while others use mindfulness –paying attention to the body and senses.

Healing meditation is a little bit different, although there is really no wrong way to do it. Many people use guided meditation for the specific purpose of healing the mind and body and for managing conditions like chronic pain.

This type of meditation often involves using guided imagery to heal. For chronic knee pain, you can picture the inflamed tissue in your joint relaxing and the swelling going down.

How Meditation Affects the Body and Mind

One of the most powerful effects of meditation is the reduction of stress. The practice of sitting still and focusing clears out many thoughts that trigger anxiety and other negative emotions. This, in turn, leads to greater relaxation, emotional stability, and a greater sense of well-being.

Stress is not just a mental health issue, though. Stress also impacts the body and physical health. By managing stress with meditation, you also change the body. This may be where the healing effect begins.

Benefits of Meditation for Healing

Managing emotional and mental health is a great reason to meditate. However, if you have physical health problems, try meditating for healing. There are several proven benefits:

  • Studies indicate that meditating lowers blood pressure. Most research used meditation along with traditional therapy but found that the benefits were significant.
  • Cancer patients benefit from meditation because it provides relief from symptoms and treatment side effects. Research indicates it can reduce anxiety, fatigue, stress, and insomnia while also boosting mood.
  • Women going through menopause also benefit from healing meditation through symptom reduction: hot flashes, poor sleep, stress, muscle pain, and mood swings.
  • Results from studies of meditation to manage pain are mixed but promising. In one study, participants who received cognitive behavioural therapy along with guided meditation experienced greater back pain relief than patients who only used standard medical care.
  • Healing meditation can also help people quit smoking or avoid relapse in other substance use disorders. Guided imagery meditation reduces cravings in those trying to quit.

Many studies have also found evidence that healing meditation can help manage asthma, depression, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and tension headaches.

The benefits of healing meditation are numerous. There are absolutely no risks or harms associated with meditating, so why not try it? At the very least, you can expect to have less stress in your life, and that will certainly make you feel better. Relax Melodies has many relaxing, guided meditations to get you started on your healing journey.

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