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A circular motif of wind and string instruments
relaxation / sleep
How Classical and Instrumental Music Affect Mental Health
Discover how listening to music can give your sleep and overall wellbeing a boost.
Oct 11 • 3 min read
Wheel of emotions illustration
How to Use the Wheel of Emotions for Maximum Benefits
The wheel of emotions is a tool for identifying feelings and breaking down complex emotional states to make them easier to understand
Aug 4 • 3 min read
Yoga day 2021
Yoga Day 2021: Honouring Your Wellbeing
Celebrate International Yoga Day with this unique practice
Jun 21 • 3 min read
social circle meditating
Why Having a Social Circle is Important for Your Mental Health
Maintaining positive social connections is one of the best things you can do to support your mental health.
Jun 15 • 2 min read
Wellness Day : Treat Yourself !
Wellness Day : Treat Yourself !
You can use Wellness Day as an opportunity to start a new habit or rekindle an old one.
Jun 11 • 3 min read
journaling for mental health
How Journaling Can Improve our Mental Health
Keeping a journal doesn’t take up much time, and it’s especially helpful on difficult days or if you struggle with depression, stress or anxiety.
May 27 • 2 min read
Languishing: Putting a Name to That ‘Blah’ Feeling
If you’ve been feeling blah lately ? It’s called languishing. Here’s what languishing means, and how you can get out of the funk.
May 19 • 3 min read
walking for mental health
What Walking Can Do for Better Mental Health
Growing evidence proves walking can have significant benefits for mental health
May 18 • 3 min read
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