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The Do's and Don'ts of Binge Sleeping

by Relax Melodies
Sep 11 • 4 min read

Binge sleeping is the act of catching up on sleep by either sleeping in late or taking extended naps during the day. Though this growing trend can be helpful for occasionally catching up on sleep, how healthy is it to sleep like you watch Netflix? And how can you approach binge sleeping to get the most benefits?

Following is a brief guide to healthy binge sleeping so you can quickly return to balance and establish a regular sleep routine.

The do’s of binge sleeping

Do binge sleep for a brief period of consecutive days to recover from sleep debt

There’s scientific evidence that shows that sleeping in and weekend catch-up sleep can be beneficial for your health when making up for loss of sleep. So if you have irregular work hours or travel a lot, it’s perfectly healthy to take advantage of days off to sleep in until you’re fully rested.

Do set your wake up time to be an hour earlier each day of your binge sleeping

To ease back into your weekday schedule, wake up an hour earlier each day leading up to the return of your normal sleep routine. This helps you avoid what Charles Czeisler, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, calls social jet lag. Much like when you travel through several time zones, waking up at drastically different time makes it harder for your body to know when to be awake or asleep. Social jet lag leads to a disruption in REM sleep cycles and results in adverse health outcomes down the road.

Do utilize healthy sleep habits during your sleep binge

Engaging in low to moderate intensity exercise, reducing social media use, and listening to calming sounds all help induce sound sleep. The sounds of nature have been shown to reduce the body’s fight or flight response. They also increase the parasympathetic response which aids in relaxation.

If you want to fall asleep using sounds, try the Relax Melodies app which features over a 100 soothing sounds, musics and white noise to help you rest.

Do create healthy sleep habits during the rest of the week

By following these guidelines and adjusting to a healthier sleep routine during the week, you will ultimately remove the need for binge sleeping.

The don’ts of binge sleeping

Don’t nap longer than 30 minutes during the day

The U.S. National Sleep Foundation only recommends naps of 20 to 30 minutes to avoid nighttime sleep disruption. During periods of binge sleep, get the bulk of your rest at night so you can return more easily into a regular nighttime sleep routine.

Don’t rely on binge sleeping to make up for unhealthy sleep patterns

Binge sleeping is ideal for recovery and making up for the occasional loss of sleep but not to support a lifestyle of poor sleep.

Is a Sleeping Binge Right for You?

Though not recommended regularly, binge sleeping does have some proven benefits when it’s essential to catch up on rest. By following these guidelines and understanding your personal sleep needs, you’ll identify the perfect solution to binge sleep your way to a healthy sleep schedule.

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