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A Full Moon Meditation for February 2021 - Snow moon

by Relax Melodies
Feb 23 • 2 min read

The full moon is a time to reflect on accomplishments and the fulfillment of previously set goals. A full moon is full of energy, and by meditating on it, you can harness that energy. February’s full moon arrives on the 27th of this year, the second to last day of the month. It’s an ideal opportunity to meditate on the realization of your New Year’s resolutions. Use the energy and spirituality of the moon to restart any goals you’ve neglected.

February’s Full Moon – The Snow Moon

Many cultures have names for the full moons. The second full moon of the year is called the snow moon. This, of course, reflects the weather conditions in much of North America and is a name used by Native Americans and early colonists.

Other names for the February moon in Native cultures include the bony moon, the hunger moon, the storm moon, the eagle moon, the bear moon, and the raccoon moon. These additional names may reflect animals seen this time of year, and of course, the hunger and bony moon names indicate that food can be scarce at the end of winter.

Why Meditate on the Snow Moon?

You can choose the moon name that speaks to you most at this time of year, but the snow moon is the most common representation for February. Full moon meditations are useful for harnessing extra energy and reflecting on the culmination of a goal, an intention, a project, or New Year’s resolutions.

The full moon meditation may provide certain benefits, including an enhanced spiritual experience, greater energy, a greater sense of being purified through the process, a stronger way to manifest your intentions, and a way to set new intentions and goals.

With its connection to snow and animals, use the snow moon to meditate on new beginnings. The start of spring is when animals are born. While the snow continues to accumulate, new life is starting. It’s just around the corner.

The connection to scarcity may be an excellent opportunity to try a fasted meditation. Try meditating on an empty stomach to appreciate the scarcity that others feel and to show appreciation for what you have. Many practitioners also believe that a fasted meditation heightens your awareness. With food in your stomach, the digestive system requires energy. On an empty stomach, use that energy in your meditation instead.

Other February Full Moon Meditations

The cold regions of North America celebrate the snow moon and the hunger moon, but warmer areas have different ideas. The Hopi tribes of the southwest celebrate the second full moon as a time of renewal and purification, ideal themes for a full moon meditation.

In China, the February full moon is the culmination of the Lunar New Year. It’s a time to celebrate new beginnings, another good theme for meditation.

Meditating on the full moon is a great opportunity to harness the energy of this time of the month. Choose the representation of the moon that most speaks to you, and use guided meditations on Relax Melodies to get started.

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